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Ahmareen 225 ml

Ahmareen  225 ml
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Model Qarshi
Manufacturer Qarshi
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A unique herbal tonic for liver, nerves and brain.

The best summer tonic effective for heart, brain, liver and general weakness. The human body is exhausted by the hard daily routines and one feels weakness. Our Research and Development Cell has prepared a tonic, Ahmareen to impart vigour to exhausted mind and fatigued body. Its regular use makes the body fresh and active.


Modern research shows that the components used in this tonic improve cardiac weakness by strengthening heart muscles, eliminate disorders of liver, make the memory strong by providing energy to brain cells and remove the weakness of body by regulating metabolic functions properly.

Side Effects:

No side effects reported.


Mental Weariness, Amnesia, Depression, Dizziness, Cardiac Weakness, Increased Palpitation, Anxiety, Confusion, Anaemia, Melancholia, Liver Disorders, Stomach Disorders, Urinary bladder Disorders.


Citrus limonum300 mg

Vitis vinifera200 mg

Chicorium intybus100 mg

Neumbium speciosum100 mg

Rosa damasena100 mg

Ferrose Ammonii Citras50 mg

Ammonium Chloride30 mg

Santalum Album26.66

Jawar Mohra10 mg

Citrus limonum, Oil10 mg

Strychnos nuxvomica10 mg



Syrup 225 ml.


1-2 tablespoonful twice a day to be taken with milk or fruit juice.

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