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Direx Syrup 60 ML

Direx Syrup 60 ML
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INSTANT Relief from Diarrhea

DIREX Suspension is formulated to provide maximum and immediate relief in diarrhea and dysentery of multiple etiologies.

Key Product Attributes:

·Immediate relief from diarrhea

·Reduces stool frequency

·Relieves abdominal pain and discomfort in diarrhea

·Removes toxins from the gut

·Contains all natural ingredients such as Fennel, Mint and Kaolin



How it works:

Direx contains herbs which have anti-diarrheal properties. Kaolin in Direx has adsorbent properties when given orally adsorbs substances from the gastrointestinal tract and increases the bulk of feces.  Aegle marmelos (Bael Fruit) significantly reduces induction time of diarrhea and total weight of the feces. It also has adsorbent properties.   

Pomegranate has anti-motility activity which means it is helpful in reducing visits to wash room to pass stools. Mentha piperita is used for symptomatic treatment of digestive disorders such as dyspepsia (e.g. spastic complaints of upper gastrointestinal tract), flatulence, gastritis and enteritis. Peppermint leaves have antispasmodic and carminative effect. Fennel has antispasmodic activity and effective in treating abdominal cramps during diarrhea.

Key Ingredients:

Botanical Name

Common Name

Local Name

Aegle marmelos

Bael Fruit

Bail Giri

Punica granatum


Post Anaar

Foeniculum vulgare



Mentha arvensis


Podina Desi

Directions for Use:

0-1 year:            1 teaspoonful every 4 hours

1-5 years:           2 teaspoonful every 4 hours

6–12 years:        3 teaspoonful every 4 hours

Above 12 years:  4 teaspoonful every 4 hours

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