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Awami pure honey 80 grams

Awami pure honey 80 grams
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Model Awami
Manufacturer Awami
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Pure honey is one of the greatest gifts of nature. Nature has created flowers of various kinds, bee extract nectar out of these flowers and Awami Laboratories

refine and pack this by observing all hygienic principles. It is not only nourishment but also a panacea against all diseases.

It is the best tonic for human body that rejuvenates various systems and repairs any damage to the cells.

By improving immunity it creates resistance and various types of diseases. Recent scientific research has revealed that honey has produced healthy results for

healing chronic wounds, including skin diseases. It is also used for eyes. Since long it has been used as skin beautifier and great facial lotion and natural glycerin.

It serves as an effective throat wash. It activates digestive system and is an effective tonic against intestinal disorders.

It is the favorite nourishment of the old people as it preserves their health. 

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