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Laboob Khas Jawahar Wala 100 Grams

Laboob Khas Jawahar Wala 100 Grams
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Model Qarshi
Manufacturer Qarshi
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An effective herbal stimulant and tonic for sexual organs, improves libido, maintains vigor, virility, increases the thickness of seminal fluid and especially effective for sexual debility.

Laboob Khas Jawahar Wala is a unique medicine for male sexual potency. It has specially been formulated for the treatment of sexual weakness. Laboob-e-Khas Jawahar is a special compound which has been in use for developing sexual potency, increasing the number of sperms and general invigoration. Qarshi R & D has revised the formula of this compound dispensed has some additional components which can effectively cure male infertility and its causes. Laboob Khas Jawahar is the compound of such ingredients which thickens semen.


It redresses the lack of sexual desire. Its use retains energy and youthfulness. Laboob Jawahar gives strength to the heart, liver, nerves, muscles, kidneys and urinary baldder, and restores the lost energy. The use of Laboob Khas Jawahar prior to marriage can prove very helpful in making the marital life a success.

Side Effects:

No side effects reported.


Decreased Libido, Sexual Debility.


Prunus amygdalus Batsch106 mg

Pistacia vera Linn106 mg

Cocos nucifera Linn106 mg

Pinus gerardiana Wall ex Lam106 mg

Myristica fragrans Houtt145 mg

Juglans regia Linn91 mg

Pistacia vera Linn75.50 mg

Orchis mascula Linn75.50 mg

Khashkhash musaffa75.50 mg

Alpinia galanga Willd60 mg

Zingiber officinale Roscoe60 mg

Salvia hematodes60 mg

Asparagus racemosus Wild60 mg

Cinnamomum cassia Blume60 mg

Sesamum indicum Linn60 mg

Brassica compestris Linn45 mg

Caryophyllus aromaticus45 mg

Allium cepa Linn45 mg

Asparagus officinalis Linn45 mg

Colchicum luteum Baker45 mg

Cubeba officinalis45 mg

Curcuma zedoaria Rosc45 mg

Cuscuta reflexa Roxb45 mg

Cyperus rotundus Linn45 mg

Daucus carota Linn45 mg

Doronicum pardalianches Linn45 mg

Mentha sylvestris45 mg

Myristica fragrans Houtt45 mg

Parmelia perlata Esch45 mg

Piper longum Linn45 mg

Pistacia lentiscus Linn45 mg

Punica granatum Linn45 mg

Raphanus sativus Linn45 mg

Valeriana officinalis Linn45 mg

Wrightia tinctoria R. Br45 mg

Crocus sativus Linn20 mg

Jawahar mohra18.76 mg

Amber gris1.19 mg

Musk1 mg

Saccharum Base0 Q.S



Paste: 50g, 100g and 500g Packing.


5 grams (half a teaspoonful) with lukewarm milk in the morning and in the evening or as directed by physician.

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