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Ispaghol Compound 80 Grams

Ispaghol Compound 80 Grams
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Manufacturer Qarshi
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Centuries old natural herbal treatment for constipation, acidity, high blood cholesterol and amoebic dysentery.

The R & D Cell of Qarshi has prepared Ispaghol compound as a result of constant research and experiments. Besides Ispaghol and its husk, the compound contains some additional useful and effective components, which have enhanced its efficacy because they compensate the deficiency of food fibers. The use of Ispaghol compound produces best results in the shortest possible time. Ispaghol compound also satisfies acute thirst.


Ispaghol compound upon reaching the abdomen produces the maximum quantity of a sticky substance in the minimum time. This sticky substance stops the movement of amoeba, the root cause of dysentery, entangles it and drives it out along with faeces. The substance also sticks to the walls of intestines and helps to excrete the faeces with ease. In cases of abdominal ulcer the sticky substance helps to alleviate the intensity of ulcer by putting a layer on it. It relieves acidity and also has laxative effect.

side effects:

No side effects reported.


Acidity, Amoebic Dysentry, Constipation, High Cholesterol Level.


Plantago ispagula, Bark500 mg


Glucose Saccharum BaseQ.S


Powder: 80g pack.


For persistent constipation, take 7 grams (2 teaspoonfuls) of Ispaghol compound mixed in a glass of water or milk. In case of dysentery, colic, intestinal irritation, feeling of the radiation of heat and acute thirst, take two spoonfuls of the compound mixed in a cup of yoghurt. Children below twelve should be given one forth of the adult dose and children above twelve should be given one half of the adult dose.

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